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By David B. Massey (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3540603956

ISBN-13: 9783540603955

This ebook describes and offers functions of an immense new instrument within the research of complicated analytic hypersurface singularities: the Lê cycles of the hypersurface. The Lê cycles and their multiplicities - the Lê numbers - offer successfully calculable information which generalizes the Milnor variety of an remoted singularity to the case of singularities of arbitrary measurement. The Lê numbers regulate many topological and geometric houses of such non-isolated hypersurface singularities. This publication is meant for graduate scholars and researchers drawn to advanced analytic singularities.

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Let be an arbitrary domain in Rn with 6D Rn . For any u 2 N there are orthonormal u-wavelet bases in L2 . 31. Proof. Step 1. 131). 128). 1/ 2 . 2/ 2 . / is orthogonal to L2 . /. 2/ 2 . /. 89) (recall that S0 D ;). They fit in the above scheme and need not to be considered. 92). These are boundary elements. 4 (iii). 0 Step 2. First we deal with the one-dimensional model case D . 1; 0/. 130) be an interval centred at 2 r for some suitable negative integer r and of side-length 2 l . 137) with G D F (scaling function) or G D M (wavelet).

4 (i), (iii). 35). 136) one obtains an orthonormal basis in L2 . / with D . 31. Since everything is local this proves also the theorem for arbitrary domains in R. Step 3. The corresponding assertion for arbitrary domains in Rn with n 2 j can be reduced to the 1-dimensional case. 130) (excluding again the basic wavelets). We assume that the right face with respect to the x1 -direction, say, x1 D 2 l r C 2 l 1 as in the above 1-dimensional model case, 0 is part of the left face of an admitted Whitney cube QlC1;r 0 .

26. First we need the corresponding sequence spaces. 32. Let s 2 R, 0 < p Ä 1, 0 < q Ä 1. 161) such that X s;per kD k jfpq ˇ 2jsq ˇ j;G m j m. 163) j;G;m with the usual modification if p D 1 and/or q D 1, where j m is the characteristic function of a cube with the left corner 2 j L m and of side-length 2 j L (a subcube of T n ). 33. 24. w/ and apq be the corresponding sequence spaces. 149). 160), one has the following basic assertion. 34. Let u 2 N. T n /. 153), Proof. 167) are orthonormal. T n /.

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