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By Eva Brann

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"Written with wit and readability, this booklet might be of price to these studying the Odyssey and the Iliad for the 1st time and to these instructing it to beginners."-Library magazine In forty eight short chapters, Eva Brann delves underneath the attractive floor of Homer's epics to discover the internal connections and layers of that means that experience made those intricately built works "the marvels of the ages."

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The next day, in his new Hephaestean armor, he rages about the battlefield, outwardly in a blaze of bronze, inwardly in a blaze of fury, eyes terribly aflame, an incandescent being beyond mortal humanity and loose in a world of elements let loose. Xanthus, one of his divine horses, suddenly achieves speech and tells of the near day of Achilles' death. The gods come down in opposing array to watch and whip up the battle. Achilles leaps into River Scamander, which, choked with corpses, leaves its banks and rushes after him as he emerges.

For nine days the agitated gods debate whether to end the unseemliness by just letting Hermes Argeiphontes, the thieving god, steal Hector's body. Finally an angry Zeus issues an order by Thetis to cease and desist. To Troy goes the messenger goddess Iris to tell Priam that he is to go—alone—to retrieve his son's body; Achilles will no longer be "mindless, unregard-ful, wicked" (aphron, askopos, alitemon), a whole litany of divine condemnation. Hermes will be Priam's conveyer. He is not only the god of thieves but, above all, the conductor of dead souls into Hades.

Spears smash it; Aeneas drives his spear nearly through it, and one cannot help wondering what he hits— perhaps the golden dancing youths and maidens? " This is what Hector last sees in the minutes before death: a world that has repelled his thrust. To speculate on the meaning of Achilles' shield is irresistible but also somewhat superfluous. While I feel sure such meanings are there to be apprehended (just as they are in any world), it does not follow that an explicit symbolic exegesis helps Homer's poetry.

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