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This ebook offers with quite a few points of historical Greek scholarship and grammar. It comprises 5 articles which debate questions similar to the shape of the Alexandrian ekdosis at the foundation of the connection among the library artefact on one hand and the textual content as an item of enhancing at the different; the learn of language in the Hellenistic scholarship; the ideological place followed through Rome within the age of Augustus in its kinfolk with the Greek global; a few particular difficulties in Apollonius Dyscolus?? Peri epirrematon; and the foundation of Greek scholiastic corpora.

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More recently see Schironi 2009, with bibliography. Pioneers of Grammar 23 merit26. Also noteworthy are his studies of inflection and the nature of the verb, which is defined as something that carries an idea of time and is a sign of predication (Int. ); his introduction of the concept of «proposition» (λόγος ἀποφαντικός) in the De interpretatione; his elaboration of the idea of ἑλληνίζειν (Rh. e. g. e. the use of inappropriate terms); as well as his development of a model of communication in the Rhetoric.

And Broggiato 2001 [= 2006], XXXVII-XXXVIII). Mette 1952, 20-21: the presumed Cratetean system was deduced by Varro ling. 44-84 and should have included ὄνομα in a broad sense (further divided into a more restricted ὄνομα [in turn separated into ὡρισμένον = κύριον ὄνομα and ἀοριστῶδες ὄνομα = προσηγορία] and ἄρθρον [this too divided into ὡρισμένον ἄρθρον = the article and ἀοριστῶδες ἄρθρον = ἀντωνυμία]), ῥῆμα, ἐπίρρημα (μεσότης), σύνδεσμος. More recently, Janko 1995a has presented, as dating back to Crates, a collection of parts of speech and other grammatical terms that may demonstrate a close proximity with Diogenes of Babylon’s doctrine of φωνή: it covers accent terminology (περισπᾶσθαι, ἄνεσις, ἐπίτασις); the separation of letters into φωνήεντα, ἡμίφωνα and ἄφωνα; the definition of features of letters, syllables and words as πρόσπνευσις and ψιλότης, ἔκτασις and συστολή, πρόθεσις and πτῶσις; the parts of the 30 Lara Pagani The significance of the analogists/anomalists dispute was deemphasised by D.

M. 250; cf. 3) the six parts of grammar are: reading aloud masterfully and in accordance with prosody; explanation of poetic expressions in the text; interpretation of glosses (λέξεις is here a synonym for γλῶσσαι: see Blank 1998, 263) and of histories; discovery of etymology; accounting of analogies; and critical evaluations of literary works. 17 At § 252 Sextus explains the Asclepiadean tripartition (μέρος τεχνικόν, ἱστορικόν and γραμματικόν), discussing at length the subdivision of the μέρος ἱστορικόν; a synthesis of the aspects involved in each individual part occurs at § 91: although here there is no mention of Asclepiades, it is usually agreed that the content of this section is owed to him, given the consistent correspondences (the only discrepancy is purely terminological: the μέρος ἰδιαίτερον of § 91 is evidently the same as the μέρος γραμματικόν of § 252): see Di Benedetto 1958-1959, 203 and n.

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