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In attaining brilliant overall healthiness via combining historical Taoist rules, smooth substitute well-being practices, and acid-alkaline stability • deals entire instructions on what to devour for various yin-yang constitutions, particular illnesses and organ platforms, and vigorous stipulations • presents targeted details on fasting, detoxing, and nutrients combining for acid-alkaline and yin-yang stability • comprises illustrated courses to numerous self-diagnostic tools from the East, permitting you to interpret your body’s symptoms earlier than sickness manifests The human physique, like every phenomena in nature, possesses the inherent strength of self-regeneration while the stipulations of precise healthiness are followed.

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The learn and perform of nutrients aid has been evolving for hundreds of years. The final 50 years has introduced this tradition in foodstuff remedy to a crucial position in drugs. As remedies became extra subtle in combating affliction and saving lives, the function of meals help has develop into well-known as important to sufferer care.

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W e shall now discuss them in alphabetical order. VITAMIN A Deficiency in vitamin A , as already mentioned, causes pathological states o f the eyes such as night blindness and xeropthalmia; it is therefore known as the antixeropthalmic vitamin. It is found in great quantity in cod-liver and halibut-liver oil. As these oils also prevent rickets, it was formerly thought that a single vitamin cured both types o f disease. But McCallum discovered that the oxidation o f cod-liver oil deprives it o f its efficacy as a cure for xeropthalmia, but not o f its power o f preventing rickets.

As affected by hormones and vitamins. In modern dietetics minerals are known as inorganic vitamins. They differ from the organic food elements in that they are not sources o f energy. Nevertheless, their function as protective foods and regulators o f the whole metabolism is indispensable. The discoveries o f recent years have shown not only that the vitamins, but that minerals also, are nutrients. To take the case o f copper; its biological importance has not long been known, yet copper is present in all living matter, and it has definite effects on ascorbic acid (vitamin C ) .

Thiamine chloride. Synthetic crystalline thiamine is now on the market in tablet form and in solution ready for injection. V I T A M I N B2 Vitamin Β is a complex which includes a series o f different vitamins. Having already discussed vitamin B l in the preceding paragraphs, we will now pass on to the others. Vitamin B2 benefits the skin, which without it becomes brown and tends to ulcerate. This cutaneous affection is known as pellagra, and vitamin B 2 , which prevents and cures it, is known as the anti-pellagra vitamin.

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