Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi's Adam and the Kabbalistic tree PDF

By Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

ISBN-10: 0091195004

ISBN-13: 9780091195007

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Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree is a examine of humans as visible via modern Kabbalists. After a short exposition of the Tree of existence, the paranormal instrument of Kabbalah, the writer units out in sleek phrases how everlasting rules function through the 4 Worlds found in a man or woman. starting with the physique, the method and legislation of biology are comparable Kabbalistically, in order that scholars can see the relationship among physique and psyche. this can be by way of a deatiled examine of the anatomy of the psyche, the traditional and smooth techniques to which arrange the reader for an exam of the Soul. The latter a part of the ebook is anxious with the awakening of the Soul and its becoming awareness of the higher Kabbalistic Worlds of construction and Emanation. the realization describes human development into the world of the Spirit of the Presence of the Divine

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Such faithfulncss is vital as mutations would cause not only the possibility of canccr, but the destruction of the whole ordcr of the organism. Nczah on this level is the ability to repeat; the English translation is Eternity which is self-explanatory. Also included in Nezah is the dynamic which keeps the cell producing, circulating and breeding. The vitality and the reliability of the cell, its operation and function, need not be cmphasized, as any malfunction would have a profound effect at all levels.

The interchange, as seen on the Tree, is sideways, as well as up and down, and here we see the vegetable and animal principles interleaved, and the active and passive pillars of the Tree in action. The cell's simplest collective organization is the plant kingdom and the great asiyyatic triad can work for a man without him leaving his house, if he can be fed. In some tragic accidents, where brain damage has occurred, this situation actually happens. A man can exist in a coma; ifhe wants nothing but to breathe, eat, and excrete.

These data are vital to the well-being of the whole organism and are repeated faithfully throughout the thousands of millions of cells of a man. At the cosmic moment of conception, when the single male and female sperm and egg meet, creation occurs. Beyond the dance of the chromosomes, deep within the molecular and atomic world, the genetic template is fused. Here all the possibilities become focused, and the generation and continual maintenance of the Four Worlds 47 future body is tuned ready for the world of Formation.

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