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By Margaret Mahy

ISBN-10: 0689505477

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A suite of ingenious and funny tales bargains with an uncle who loves to speak about his adventures, a trip from Aunt Nasty, the kinfolk witch, a woman who doesn't have a kite to fly on Kite Saturday, and different occasions

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Mr. " "Well, can't I 47 " " " you might teach it to perch," said Mother, "but would you remember to give it fresh water? Would you clean out its cage and "Yes, make sure it had plenty of seed every day? 1 don't thinkyou would. " Johnny cried quickly, his eyes blue and startled in his freckled face. "I'd help in the garden too. " "Yes, I Mother laughed. " she said at last. "Today, Cathie's Play Center group finishes for the holidays. The mothers have to take the pets home and feed and look after them until the Play Center begins again.

You should have thought of that before," Teddy answered. "Well, 1 won't be here long, anyway, " said the witch, with a toss of her wild red hair. " Teddy's mother was surprised when he brought the witch inside, but she listened to his story and said that the witch might dry the breakfast dishes. At first the witch was sulky and cross but, as the morning passed, she grew more cheerful. Then, just before lunch, the grocer's van drove up and the young driver got out to bring in the box of groceries that Teddy's mother had ordered.

1 must see what's wrong. 1 '11 deal with your problem later. " She turned to the toad. "Smudge, what are you doing here in that condition? You can speak freely. You are among friends. " surprising terrible thing — 43 " The toad croaked indignantly. " said the Head Witch. "Not really! " She turned and spoke to the other witches. "Witch Smudge has behaved imprudently and has been enchanted by an enchanter for a month. 1 must say he must be one of the old-fashioned sort of enchanters to turn her into a toad but he certainly made a good job of it, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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