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By Hilmar W. Duerbeck

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4. Census of comprises details on 277 items. 137 (50%) of them are stars whose outburst spectra or unambiguous minimal features classify them as novae past doubt. 123 of them should be pointed out at minimal. seventy eight (28 percent) are stars with amplitudes and lightweight curve varieties which makes nova classifi­ cation most probably. 60 of them can be pointed out at minimal. therefore, seventy eight % ofthe gadgets during this catalogue are proven and suspected classical novae. sixteen (6%) have homes suitable with either novae and comparable items. 15 are pointed out at minimal. moreover, and atlas comprises info on 12 (4 percent) dwarf novae of lengthy cycle size or suspected dwarf novae for which just one outburst has been saw. Examples are WZ Sge and CI Gern. 6 (2%) recurrent novae or suspected recurrent novae are indexed. Examples are T CrB and AS Psc. 6 (2%) X-ray novae are indexed. Examples are V616 Mon and KY TrA. 6 (2%) symbiotic stars and symbiotic novae are indexed. Examples are RT Ser and V352 Aql. eleven (4 percent) Mira stars or suspected Mira stars, which at your time have been believed to be novae, are indexed. Examples are V607 Aql and V927 Sgr.

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Wachmann, Hamburger Sternwarte, after maximum light, which must have occurred between 1938 September 28 and October 14 (BZ 20 (1938) 59). 5p Finding chart: Light curve: Spectroscopy: (POSS) (A. A. ) LCT: Bb? A. A. Wachmann, Erg AN 11 (5) (1948) E42. A. A. Wachmann, Erg AN 11 (5) (1948) E42. R. B. Baldwin, PAAS 9 (1938) 33. 49 THE CATALOGUE Identifieation: Classifieation: from Waehmann's (1948) finding ehart. moderately fast nova; in extremely reddened region ofthe Galaxy. 1940 Cyg, MHa 289-90) Diseovered by C.

Lambert, J. H. Woodman, ApJ Suppl60 (1986) 375 - trac, spectrophot; Yu. V. Borisov, S. I. Gerasimenko, Tadj Byul/75 (1984) 1, 16 - spectrophotometry, tables. J. S. Gallagher, E. P. Ney, ApJ204 (1976) L35; V. I. Shenlavrm, V. I. THE CATALOGUE 53 Moroz, A. A. Liberman, Pisma AZh 2 (1976) 94; D. Ennis, E. E. Beeklin, S. Beckwith, J. Elias, I. Gatley, K. Matthews, G. Neugebauer, S. P. Willner, ApJ 214 (1977) 478. UVobservations: E. B. Jenkins, T. P. Snow, W. L. Upson, S. G. Starrfield. J. S. Gallagher, M.

D. R. Bahng, MN 158 (1972) 151 - trac, spectrophotometry; C. Fehrenbach, Y. Andrillat, eR Ser B 273 (1971) 572, 274 (1972) 1179 - phot, rv. IR observations: S. Sato, T. Maihara, H. Okuda, PASJ 25 (1973) 571. Identification: from published finding charts. Classification: weIl observed fast nova. Finding chart: WXCet UGWZ (N Cet 1963, BV 416) Discovered by W. Strohmeier on Bamberg plates taken in 1963 September-October (IBVS 47 (1964». 076 (POSS) (S. Wyckoff, P. A. 0p Finding chart: Light curve: Spectroscopy: Identification: Classification: S.

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