A Pan-Chromatic Vw of Clusts of Galaxies and the Lg-Scale by M. Plionis, et al., PDF

By M. Plionis, et al.,

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In this case it is 1 in. and may easily be obtained by subtracting one central value from the next one, that is 55-45 — 54-45 or 56-45 — 55-45 and so on. I t is also equal to the difference between the upper and lower limits of any one group. For instance, the first group has 53-95 as the lower limit and 54-95 as the upper limit, and these values differ by an inch. To obtain the group boundaries from a table that gives only the group central values it is necessary to take: central value of group + half the group interval, and central value of group —half the group interval.

To just below 70 in. For this reason it is essential to condense the raw figures into some more manageable form which will enable the investigator to pick out at once those features that he wishes to pursue further. A first step is to compile a carefully designed table in which figures possessing similar properties are grouped together. 1. Numbers of vehicles on the Great North Road Motor cars Lorries Public service vehicles 412 273 64 Motor cycles Total 39 788 Suppose an investigation has been made into the number of motor-vehicles proceeding north along the Great North Road in a period of 2 hr.

This shows that the scales of any graph must be examined before any conclusions are drawn from it; general impressions are not enough. 10 (a)) then this fact must be clearly marked lest a misleading impression is given. I t is often best to adopt a method such as that used in fig. 11, where the THE PICTORIAL REPRESENTATION OF DATA 1935 1937 1939 1941 1943 1945 Year Fig. 11 zero is clearly indicated. Further it is essential to recognise the importance of supplying graphs, as well as tables, with full and clear labelling and if possible, the source of the information.

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A Pan-Chromatic Vw of Clusts of Galaxies and the Lg-Scale Struct by M. Plionis, et al.,

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