A Friendly Mathematics Competition: 35 Years of Teamwork in by Rick Gillman PDF

By Rick Gillman

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"A pleasant arithmetic Competition" tells the tale of the Indiana university arithmetic festival (ICMC) by means of proposing the issues, strategies, and result of the 1st 35 years of the ICMC. The ICMC used to be equipped in response to the Putnam examination - its difficulties have been to be extra consultant of the undergraduate curriculum, and scholars may possibly paintings on them in teams.
Originally participation used to be initially limited to the small, deepest schools and universities of the country, yet was once later spread out to scholars from all the colleges in Indiana. the contest was once quick nicknamed the "Friendly" pageant as a result of its concentrate on fixing mathematical difficulties, which introduced college and scholars jointly, instead of at the aggressive nature of successful. prepared through yr, the issues and options during this quantity current a superb archive of knowledge approximately what has been anticipated of an undergraduate arithmetic significant over the last 35 years. With greater than 245 difficulties and strategies, the booklet can also be a needs to purchase for school and scholars drawn to problem-solving.

The index of difficulties lists difficulties in: Algebraic buildings; Analytic Geometry, Arclength, Binomial Coefficients, Derangements, Differentiation, Differential Equations, Diophantine Equations, Enumeration, box and Ring conception, Fibonacci Sequences, Finite Sums, basic Theorem of Calculus Geometry, crew thought, Inequalities, limitless sequence, Integration, restrict review, good judgment, Matrix Algebra, Maxima and Minima difficulties, Multivariable Calculus, quantity concept, diversifications, chance, Polar Coordinates, Polynomials, actual Valued services Riemann Sums, Sequences, structures of Equations, records, artificial Geometry, Taylor sequence, Trigonometry, and Volumes.

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Since there are five points and only four smaller squares, two points must lie in the same square. It is clear √ that any two such points can be separated by a distance of less than 2/2 unless the two points are at opposite ends of 51 52 Solutions the diagonal of the smaller square, which cannot happen since they are both interior to the original square. Look under Geometry in the Index for similar problems. S1966-3 Consider the numbers 0, a1 , a1 + a2 , a1 + a2 + a2 , . . , a1 + a2 + · · · + ap .

Find limn→∞ (Hn /n), where Hn is the harmonic mean of the n positive integers n + 1, n + 2, n + 3, . . , n + n. P1991-7. The centroid of a set of n points {(xi , yi ), i = 1, 2, · · ·, n}, in the xy-plane is given by 1 n n 1 xi , n1 n yi . A lattice point in the xy-plane 1 is a point whose coordinates are integers. Given nine lattice points in the xy-plane, show that some three of the points have a lattice point as centroid. Exam #27–1992 The contest was held at The University of Indianapolis on April 11, in connection with the spring meeting of the Indiana Section of the MAA.

P , Q and R are arbitrary points on sides BC, DA and CD respectively, of the parallelogram ABCD, illustrated below. A is joined to P , P to Q, Q to B, B to R and R to A to form a star-pentagon AP QBR. The regions inside the parallelogram and outside the star-pentagon are colored red (r). The pentagonal region bounded by the sides of the starpentagon is colored blue (b). Show that the red area minus the blue area is independent of the choice of the points P , Q and R. R D C r r P Q r b r r A B P1991-4.

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