A Fine Blend of Mahāmudrā and Madhyamaka: Maitrīpa’s by Klaus-Dieter Mathes PDF

By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

ISBN-10: 3700177860

ISBN-13: 9783700177869

The gathering of twenty-six texts on non-conceptual attention is the results of mixing the essence and tantric mahamudra teachings of Saraha, Nagarjuna and Savaripa with a selected kind of Madhyamaka philosophy, known as 'non-abiding' (apratisthana), which goals at significantly transcending any conceptual evaluate of actual truth. This target is accomplished via "withdrawing one's cognizance" (amanasikara) from something that contains the duality of a perceived and perceiver. the result's a "luminous self-empowerment," Maitripa's (986-1063) ultimate tantric research of amanasikara. the gathering of texts on non-conceptual recognition performs an important position, because it constitutes, including Naropa's teachings, the most resource of bKa' brgyud lineages. The variation and translation of this assortment is by means of one other textual content attributed to Maitripa, the *Mahamudrakanakamala, which used to be translated via Mar pa Lo tsa ba Chos kyi blo gros (11th century) into Tibetan. The *Mahamudrakanakamala choices up at the issues of the gathering and indicates that every one points of Maitripa's mahamudra have been certainly handed directly to early bKa' brgyud masters. in addition to an English translation and research, the current booklet incorporates a new version of the on hand Sanskrit at the foundation of the editio princeps via Haraprasad Shastri, the version of the learning team of Sacred Tantric Texts at Taisho college, the Nepalese manuscript NGMPP B 22/24, and the manuscript no. 151 from the Todai collage Library. The Tibetan version of all texts relies at the Derge and Peking bsTan 'gyur and the dPal spungs version of Karmapa VII Chos grags rgya mtsho's (1454-1506) number of Indian Mahamudra Works (Phyag rgya chen po'i rgya gzhung).

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The yoginI said: 82 'Bri gung bka ' brgyud chos mdzod, vol. ka, 176a2 _ : I de nas yang btsal bas brda bstan 4 pa 'i gling du rnal 'byor ma cig shig srog gsod cing 'dug 1 1 rnal 'byor ma cig gis nags seb nas phag cig byung ba la mda ' rgyab te bsad nas sha zos pa dang 1 1 rnal 'byor mas 'gur bzhengs pa khams gsum 'khor ba 'i nags tshal 'thibs po nas 1 1 ma rig pa 'i phag rgod rgyu ba la 1 1 shes rab gsal ba 'i mda ' cig brgyab 1 1 ma rig phag rgod ngas bsad do 1 1 sha ni (text: na) gnyis su med par zas 1 1 ro ni bde ba chen por myong 1 1 sha 'i dngos po ngas ma mthong ces pa dang I yang sha ba bsad nas 'gur bzhengs pa 1 1 83 Op.

A S UMMARY OF THE AMANASIKARA TEXTS 19 and mere dependent origination. A s noted above, it i s this view that self-awareness is dependently arisen which is held to account for the alleged superiority of Aprati�thana over Mayopamadvaya. 2 1 . The Five [Verses on Transcendent] Love (Premapaiicaka) The five verses offer a poetic comparison of the union of dependently arising appearances and emptiness to the union of a handsome suitor and his lovely mistress. Maitripa also explains how the skillful guru uses the natural pleasure of the couple to generate the transcendent love of co-emergence.

It is like in the example of the noble fruit [and] the bees. Attached to the exter­ nal, you [only] find an image of what is essential. Now, what do you know at all? Then she offered him [the fruit] with the words: My fruit is this noble fruit: [its] three eyes are the three kayas; [its] three edges are the three realms; and three sides [indicate] the withdrawal of one ' s attention from the three times . 65 The yogin! got angry at him: Being a male you will win, so let us perform the practice of kill­ ing.

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