A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs: Northeastern and by George A. Petrides PDF

By George A. Petrides

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Детально охарактеризованы все дикорастущие деревья, кустарники и древесные лианы, обитающие к югу от Ньюфаундленда, к северу от Северной Каролины и Тенесси, к востоку от Дакоты и Канзаса. Охарактеризованы 646 вида, включая форму и расположение листьев, высоту, цвет, строение кроны, сезон цветения и плоды. Четкие рисунки показывают листья, цветы, силуэты деревьев и прочие характеристики.
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Higher sea level at this Chapter 2 - Hydrology of Tidal Freshwater Forests 41 Fig. 7. Five-year (1999–2004) mean monthly water level relative to mean sea level (MSL) at two coastal tide gages in the southeastern United States (data from NOAA 2006a). time of year increases the chance for saltwater intrusion into tidal freshwater wetlands. Superimposed on the regular cycles of tide variation is long-term global eustatic sea-level rise (see Chapter 1). 2). The current rate of apparent sealevel rise at Grand Isle is almost 10 mm/yr (NOAA 2006a).

Ann Rev Ecol Syst 19:147-176 Okey CW (1918a) The wetlands of southern Louisiana and their drainage. Bulletin 6552. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington Okey CW (1918b) The subsidence of muck and peat soils in southern Louisiana and Florida. Am Soc Civil Engineers 82:396-432 Paine JG (1993) Subsidence of the Texas coast-inferences from historical and late Pleistocene sea levels. Tectonophysics 222:445–458 Penland S, Ramsey K (1990) Relative sea-level rise in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico: 1908-1988.

Academic/Elsevier, Amsterdam/Boston Burkett VB, Zilkowski DB, Hart DA (2002) Sea-level rise and subsidence: Implications for flooding in New Orleans, Louisiana. In: Prince KR, Galloway DL (eds) Subsidence interest group conference, proceedings of the technical meeting. USGS Water Resources Division OpenFile Report Series 03-308. S. Geological Survey, Austin, pp 63-70 Cahoon DR, Day JW Jr, Reed D, Young R (1998) Global climate change and sea-level rise: Estimating the potential for submergence of coastal wetlands.

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