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By Klaus J Puettmann; K Dave Coates; Christian C Messier

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Second, silviculturists who had developed a successful local practice were often convinced of the generality of their findings and consequently encouraged or enforced the widespread use of this practice beyond the conditions where it was developed (Hausrath 1982; Mantel 1990). 36 a critique of silviculture: manag ing for complexity Lack of scientific understanding about the importance of local site adaptations and/or the desire of silviculturists for self-promotion and regional or national recognition were often behind the generalization of local practices.

Management decisions are based on comparison of current with “ideal” size class distributions. found naturally in the forests was considered best for providing a sustainable wood supply (von Carlowitz 1713). , natural regeneration, thinning) were not refined enough to achieve and maintain desired species mixtures throughout the life of a stand (Mantel 1990). By the end of the eighteenth 18 a critique of silviculture: manag ing for complexity centrury, Hartig (1791) voiced concerns that differential growth rates and competitive abilities would lead to forests that were dominated by a single species.

The issue was resolved in central Europe through a classification system for silvicultural systems that included a hierarchy of criteria (Mayr 1909; Dengler 1930; Mayer 1984). At the highest level, the main descriptive criteria were the amount and timing of overstory removal (see fig. 3 for shelterwood example). , group shelterwood or Gruppenschirmschlag). Another level was based on the influence of neighboring stand conditions (edge shelterwood or Saumschirmschlag). The extensive list of possible combinations at these three levels allowed all localized systems to fit within the hierarchy.

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A critique of silviculture : managing for complexity by Klaus J Puettmann; K Dave Coates; Christian C Messier

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