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By Alain M. Robert

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Came across on the flip of the 20 th century, p-adic numbers are usually utilized by mathematicians and physicists. this article is a self-contained presentation of easy p-adic research with a spotlight on analytic themes. It deals many beneficial properties not often handled in introductory p-adic texts resembling topological types of p-adic areas inside of Euclidian area, a unique case of Hazewinkel’s useful equation lemma, and a remedy of analytic components.

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Algebraic Preliminaries Proposition. Let A be a ring and P E A [X] be any polynomial. Then there are polynomials P1 and P2 E A[X, Y] such that P(X + h) = P(X)+h - P1(X, h) = P(X)+h - P'(X) + h 2 P2(X, h). PROOF Let us write the polynomial P explicitly as a finite sum P(X) _ with some coefficients a E A. Then a"(X + h)" _ E P(X + h) a, X" nX"-1 h + h2( . _ a"X" +h 1: na"Xn-1 +h2 P2(X, h); hence the result. 3. Second Principle The idea for improving approximate solutions will now be given in its simplest form.

5. ). It is even group having this sequence as neutral element, and the projections i/rn : G -* Gn are group homomorphisms. The universal factorization property holds in the category of groups. An interesting case is the following. Let G be a group and (Hn) a decreasing sequence of normal subgroups of G. We can then take Gn = G/Hn and (since 1. p-adic Numbers 32 cp : G/H the canonical projection homomorphism. The C projective limit of this sequence is a subgroup of the product G= lim G/H C O G/H E-together with the restrictions of projections ifr : G --* G/H,,.

Still with this topology, the canonical embedding A" y A is continuous, but not a homeomorphism onto its image in general. Proposition. With the p-adic metric the ring ZP is a topological ring. It is a compact, complete, metrizable space. PROOF. 1), it is enough to check the continuity of multiplication. Fix a and b in ZP and consider x = a + h, y = b + k in Z ,. Then Ixy - abl = I(a+h)(b+k)-abl = Iak+hh - hkl +

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