101 Alphabet Activities by Lisa Schwimmer Marier PDF

By Lisa Schwimmer Marier

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Each booklet positive aspects one hundred and one instructing principles regarding the topic of its name. actions span a number of curriculum components together with math, language improvement, technology, artwork, song and extra

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As they care for their plants, continue to discuss the seed names, emphasizing the beginning letters. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 44 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Science 51 WHAT DO ROCKS WEIGH? Materials Small scale Activity Emphasize that the word rock begins with the letter r. Obtain a small food scale or other small scale. Then invite children to look for small, interesting rocks at home or a school and bring them to class. Weigh the rocks, noting the different weights of large and small rocks, light and dense, and so on.

Each day, present one letter of the alphabet. Then ask children to think of animals that begin with that letter. Challenge children to vote on which animal with that letter will be in your alphabet zoo. Cut pictures from magazines or use available photos of these animals and post them in the “zoo,” along with the beginning letters. Then invite children to act out the animal—how the animal lives, eats, plays, and sounds. Some ideas: a—armadillo, alligator, antelope n—newt b—bear, butterfly, buffalo o—owl, orangutan, octopus c—cat, crab, cheetah p—parrot, pig, peacock, porcupine d—dog, dragon, dove, dinosaur q—queen bee, quail e—elephant, eel r—rhinoceros, rat, raccoon f—fish, fox, flamingo s—snake, seal, sea horse, shark g—goat, gorilla, giraffe t—turtle, tiger h—horse, hippo, hummingbird u—urchin i—iguana, ibis v—vulture j—jaguar, jay w—walrus, whale, wolf k—koala, kangaroo x—xtinct (talk about extinct animals) l—lion, lobster, leopard y—yak m—moose, mouse, monkey, mole z—zebra ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 48 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities CHAPTER 5 Music and Movement 55 PAINT WALKS AND SILLY WALKS Materials Mural or butcher paper Tempera paints Large plastic tubs Soap and water Music Activity Ask adult volunteers to help you with this activity.

Whoever answers the “question of the day” gets to help you think of a question for the next day. For younger children: Provide paper and crayons and invite younger children to draw curly-q q’s! ” (optional) Activity This activity works well with older or more experienced children. Write a word on the board and then say the word together. ” Then say the word again, emphasizing the last letter in the word. ” For example: What is the first sound in the word ball? The first sound is b. What is the last sound in the word ball?

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